Full. On. Panic. Mode.

18 Sep

So I awoke this morning feeling pretty good.  Until I realized… this dinner is TOMORROW and I have not started the following:

The chicken stock.

The Cous Cous salad

The stuff in the freezer that is still raw (kreplach and gnocchi)

Matzah balls.  And I still need to figure out the ‘meal’ thing…


Shopping for everything else I need.  Including the arts and crafts supplies for the kids that are coming…

Charcoal!  I need charcoal for the smoker!!!

On and on and on… 

Anyone else ever wake up in a panic like this?  So, thinking I was still going to make it to the office today I started the stock at 6am.  Said to lovely step daughter:  “Honey, you will be home for lunch today, right?  Can you please turn off the burner on this stock pot?”  Negative.  The only day this week she does not come home from school.   Of course.  Perfect.

So I did the only reasonable thing I could do.

“It’s kind of like a scratchy throat combined with a bit of a fever… I really don’t think I should come in.”


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