Kreplach. Are they supposed to be this big?

18 Sep

Now that's a big Kreplach!


Just askin’.  Cause they grew.  More than I thought they would.  I am wondering how I am supposed to fit one of these suckers in the bowls I have with a matzah ball, and noodles.  Maybe I will have to cut them in half.  On the up side, I did try one of the more grotesque looking specimens and it tasted great! 

You know, no one’s going to have any appetite left after eating this soup.  Maybe I can get away with just a salad to go with it.  I know, I know… I’ve come this far.  Too far to give up now!

The stock is now done.  So that’s two things down.  Oh, and I boiled the gnocchi:

A bit gluey looking, no?


They do look a titch gluey, don’t they.  I am quite sure I didn’t overcook them… and they will be fried in breadcrumbs and schmaltz tomorrow and held in an oven for a while.  so I am hoping that the gluey bits around the edges get crispy when I fry them, and any undercooking will be corrected in the oven.  Here’s hoping.  Right now they look a little like soggy packing peanuts. 

I only have another hour to go before I have to leave the house for the rest of the afternoon.  Everything else will have to wait until tomorrow. 

It’ll be fine, right?

I’m firing up that smoker at 7am.


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