This chullah could hurt someone…

20 Sep

I kind of glossed over the entire chullah episode in yesterday’s post, because, well… it was a very hectic day at my house.  But I wanted to give you something and not leave you hanging ALL day with no news from me.  My last ‘photos only’ post was lame.  Sorry readers.  I showed you all the chullah glamour shots using tricky angles and great lighting (ha!) and did not tell the whole truth.  My bad.  Here it is:

My sister in law thought I was nuts when I told her I was making the chullah from scratch.  CRAZY.  But, I have to say -and it was not smooth sailing as you will see later – I am glad I tried it!  The most important thing was that it was edible.  And our guests were all really nice about it.

The chullah started out on a very promising note.  OK, so I forgot to half (halve?) the recipe.  The result was that the dough kept flopping out of the bowl on Kitchen Aid mixer on the knead cycle with a naughty ‘slap!  slap!  slap!’ sound… providing much entertainment for the kids.   I gotta say though, that dough looked beautiful turned out on the marble counter.  Just gorgeous.  Divided it into 4 loaves worth.  Formed the dough balls, let them rise.  They did.  A bit.  Then divided each ball into 4 mini balls for the ‘ropes’ to braid the chullah.  No worries.  Let those rest a bit…. hmmm… they aren’t getting much bigger.  Rolled them into equally long pieces, not as easy as it sounds… and let those rise.  They looked a little sad.  But let’s soldier on!   Braided the loaves with an innovative 4 strand system (could NOT figure out Arthur Schwartz’s 5 strand diagram for the life of me), egg wash, into the warmed oven with a pot of hot water, wait 30 minutes,  and voila!

It's a little flat.  Nice shine though!

It's a little flat. Nice shine though!

 Not exactly what I was hoping for.  I cranked the oven to 375, convect setting and popped two of these shiny little chullah losers (I’m still a bit sensitive about them) into the oven.  I went off to do a thousand other things that needed to be done to prepare for the dinner, and 20 minutes later they were ready!


chullah2 (2)

Nice colour and shine, shame about the, um, flatness.

These chullah were serious.  Dense.  Heavy.  We could have varnished them and used them as doorstops.   But where’s the fun in that?  Onto the table they went.

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