A new year, and some old recipes.

22 Sep

As I planned my Rosh Hashannah menu, I toyed with the idea of updating traditional recipes to better reflect current tastes.  One person I spoke to about this very notion had the nerve to suggest that I cook two versions of everything – one conventional, the other avant garde, and present it in a tasting menu format. 

Riight.  Like I have that kind of time.

I was of two minds.  On one hand, it is both reassuring as a cook, and soothing as an eater, to enjoy traditional foods in the way in which they were originally intended.  Food that has not been spoiled by the pretentious addition of lemongrass.  Or shiso leaves.  Or truffle oil.  But on the flip side, what’s wrong with adding a modern twist to traditional fare?  Is there something to be gained, apart from the obvious entertainment value, by the creation of a square Matzah ‘ball’? 

I would love to hear your comments, gentle reader, as Yom Kippur is on the horizon and there is another menu to plan.  

Perhaps an elliptical Matzah ball is the answer.


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